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Oskar Ohlson

Documentary and Fine Art Photographer

Oskar Ohlson works as a Documentary and Fine Art Photographer specializing in the black & white field. His professional studies were largerly done in Barcelona during the years 1990-96 including a masters in black & white laboratory technique, reciving the title of international proffessional photographer.

During 2002-2003 he added one year of "History of photography" at the official Art School of Stockholm wich completed his former specialization in the 19th century developing procedures.

Oskar works exclusively whith old cameras and natural light, composing the pictures while taking the photos. His clients consist mainly of private families booking him for documenting their lifes and homes.

Since the middle of the 90's Oskar has also been documenting the world of rock'n'roll, mostly backstage or private. As a fine art photographer planning his own exibitions and protecting his clients privacy he has access to many evironments that most photographers would only dream of.

Oskar uses Stockholm as his base but takes on commissions all over the world.

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